Intercontinental Open University

Society for Spirituality, Theology and Health
Duke University School of Medicine


  • It is on behalf of this threefold uniqueness among institutions of higher learning that I welcome you, with gratitude and with an outstretched hand, to nothing less than an exceptional opportunity for professional development, personal growth and humanitarian action.
  • Constantine Angelo Constantopoulos, Ph.D.
    President & Chief Academic Officer
  • Distinguished Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Heartalk® Protocol

Factored Conditions Analysis™

"Reasonably attainable optimal conditions are equal to the sum of existing conditions, plus gains from constructive behavior as a function of positive interaction of determining factors, minus losses due to destructive behavior as a function of negative interaction of those factors, where interaction includes, but is not necessarily limited to, differentiation and integration, and those factors are act, agent, agency, scene and purpose."

Higher Doctorates

Doctor of Letters (L.H.D.)

Awarded for exceptional achievement in any theoretical aspect of spirituality and health as they relate to humanitarian action.

Doctor of Science (Sc.D.)

Awarded for exceptional achievement in any practical aspect of spirituality and health as they relate to humanitarian action.

Open Access Defense™

Option 1:  Onsite (3 Hours)
  • Opening, Welcome, Introductions (10 minutes)
  • Keynote Address (15 minutes)
  • Demonstration Project (45 minutes)
  • Questions and Answers (10 minutes)
  • Break (10 minutes)
  • Peer Critiques (50 minutes - 5 critiques, 10 minutes each)
  • Keynoter Response (15 minutes)
  • Peer Replies (10 minutes - 5 replies, 2 minutes each)
  • Audience Poll (5 minutes)
  • Poll Results, Final Comments, Closing (10 minutes)
Option 2:   Online (1 month)
  • Blog posting of a 5,000-word White Paper (20 days)
  • Defense of the posting via the same blog (7 days )

Expert Specialists

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear

Aimed at selecting distinguished individuals from the widest possible range of human endeavor to serve as peer critics at each defense, the university chooses the most appropriate, the most accessible, and the most available professionals, from among a loosely knit group of expert specialists scattered throughout the world, earnestly willing to exercise their knowledge by providing insightful feedback to the benefit of the candidate.

Chosen invitees, each a thought leader within his respective area of interest, are honorary members of the faculty. They are not remunerated by the university. Their travel expenses, their lodging costs, and their meal expenditures are covered completely by an honorarium advanced from the candidate through the university prior to the scheduled defense.

Submission of Petitions

  • Option 1:   Text petition via email   >
  • Option 2:   Oral petition via VoIP    > (Skype ID)
  • Petitions may be submitted in English or Greek
  • Petitions are reviewed from the perspective of Orthodox Psychotherapy by an authorized and experienced licensed practitioner
  • Petitions, threaded through mathematical processing, are evaluated without discrimination of any kind
  • Total program cost, negotiable, is subject to written mutual acceptance prior to review of the petition
  • 50% of said cost, non-refundable, is payable via bank transfer or PayPal™ prior to commencement of the program

  • Contact:

  • Chair
  • Petition Review Committee
  • Intercontinental Open University